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Our rare earth, or neodymium, magnets are available in three styles for all of your quick-rigging needs.

Rings in two sizes provide an easy-to-sew option. Our ring magnets have countersunk holes, which allows you tell at a glance if your magnet polarities are correctly and consistently aligned. Sew-on bars are useful for when you need to cover a large area or need an even stronger hold. Disc magnets are your best bet when you need to glue magnets onto a smooth surface.

Pull strengths are as follows:

1/2" Ring: 5.11 lbs

3/8" Ring: 3.32 lbs

1/2" Disc: 6.44 lbs

1/4" thick bar: 21.83 lbs

1/8" thick bar: 11.08 lbs