Magnetic Snap Tape

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Completely silent when it rips apart, comes back together like magic! Use our 3cm interval tape in two strengths anywhere you might use traditional snap tape. Magnetic snap tape also makes quick-rigging shirts a breeze. Our 7cm and 9cm interval tape matches the standard spacing for women's and men's shirts. Great for differently abled performers as well; turn a regular shirt into an easy-access adaptive one. Need a stronger hold? Try our Extra Strength tape.

Available in black and white. White tape is dyeable with nylon dye. All tapes are dry cleanable and machine washable to a maximum temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Small quantities of the 1cm snap tapes are available in stock- larger orders may require 7-10 days for processing.

We are temporarily out of stock of 3cm standard strength tape in white. We expect additional inventory the week of September 9, but we are accepting backorders until then.

Magnet snap tapes are sold by the yard. Orders of more than one yard will be fulfilled in continuous pieces.